Not exactly what I had planned…

Well, Wired Hub decided that although it hadn’t billed me for hosting for three years, it was going to start again now, and I owed them over $300.  So I guess I’m done with that website.

Oh – and Blogrolling, which has all my links, is down, so I can’t access them either.


Let’s start off this one with a pleasant image, shall we?


Nothing cuter than O’Baby eating a cheerio.

If you know of people who missed my sudden move and would like the new link, could you please let them know where I am now?  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Not exactly what I had planned…

  1. Too bad about the old blog. But I’ve already bookmarked your new address. Owen’s picture was cute. Did not see the blog about Jack.

  2. I left a comment earlier today and when I got home and logged on again, it was gone. What happened?

  3. Sorry about the old blog. I was getting worried! But I’m glad to see you back! 🙂

    Email me when you get a chance and I’ll fill you in on my new blog 😉

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