Not exactly what I had planned…

Well, Wired Hub decided that although it hadn’t billed me for hosting for three years, it was going to start again now, and I owed them over $300.  So I guess I’m done with that website.

Oh – and Blogrolling, which has all my links, is down, so I can’t access them either.


Let’s start off this one with a pleasant image, shall we?


Nothing cuter than O’Baby eating a cheerio.

If you know of people who missed my sudden move and would like the new link, could you please let them know where I am now?  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Not exactly what I had planned…

  1. Too bad about the old blog. But I’ve already bookmarked your new address. Owen’s picture was cute. Did not see the blog about Jack.

  2. Sorry about the old blog. I was getting worried! But I’m glad to see you back! 🙂

    Email me when you get a chance and I’ll fill you in on my new blog 😉

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