O’Baby update #14950978

So O’Baby has been growing and developing at an alarming rate lately.  He is changing in so many different ways.

First of all, he is now officially a crawler.  Although he usually prefers to army crawl around the whole first floor, he is also able to lift his abdomen off the floor and transport his chubby body anywhere he wants to go.  He also has been pulling himself up onto his knees when supporting himself on something, like his momma.  Yes, we have baby gates, and yes, we have hidden all Bubba’s toys in the chest.

Secondly, he has been practicing talking.  Actually speech-making.  The other day while we were out to dinner as a family, he held court in his high chair and gave a thrilling, comprehensive, intelligent speech on the economy, and what to to about it.  Complete with anecdotes.  Which cracked himself up.  He is making so many more different sounds with his mouth and lips and tongue now.  It’s pretty fun to watch.

Thirdly, food-wise, the boy’s been expanding his horizons.  He is now eating cheerios, goldfish crackers, and peas and carrots using his pincer grasp.  And we bought him those biter biscuits, which he loves too.  He’s also been nursing a lot, and drinking water from a sippy cup (with a tiny bit of help).  The boy is so messy now.

Fourthly,  he is so much more affectionate lately.  He even reaches out to me when his momma is holding him.  He snuggles, and gives full-body-hugs.  He is flirtatious and beguiling.

And finally, he is becoming smarter.  He knows how to pat-pat, is thinking about waving, can show you something if you ask, looks at people when you say their names, knows (and dislikes) the word No.  The birds outside the window crack him up.  He hides his toys under things, and wraps himself up in a blanket and rolls across the floor, playing peek with you.

He’s such a joy to us.  We’re so lucky to be able to see him every day.