The Amazing O’Baby, among other things

O’Baby is so amazing.  He’s pulling himself up to a standing position on the couch and hearth now.  He can feed himself using his pincer grasp without even thinking.  And he now has TWO teeth!

His first teeth popped out yesterday and the day before, coincidentally the days I had to work this week.  So, lucky me, I got to miss all the crying and irritability.  Unfortunately, The Princess had to handle it pretty much all by herself.

But she did a great job.  O’Baby is back to his normal, wonderful self.  He’s been nursing a lot, so he’s gained some weight (especially in his giant head).

Now The Princess has asome catching up to do with her schoolwork, but I am confident that she will do so easily.  I don’t have to work until next Tuesday, so I’ll watch O’Baby whenever she needs me to.  Oh, the sacrifices I make! 🙂


Bubba had Monday and Tuesday off this week, so I sent him to a day program at our new fitness club.  He came home all kinds of exhausted, and had lots to talk about.  I’m glad he had a good time.  He’s really enjoying his gym membership, I tell ya.


Hubby spent last weekend in Chicago, catching up with his brothers and sister.  He had a good time.

I get resentful when he goes away electively, then comes back and tells me how hard it was, and how tired he is.  I so totally don’t want to hear it.  I had to take up the slack when he was gone, and I got the house just the way I like it, so it takes a couple of days for me to warm up to him again.


The van is gone, turned in at the dealer.  I am so happy to be rid of it.  But now we all realize that this will cramp our scheduling quite a bit.

I couldn’t go to the store as I planned this morning, because The Princess needed the car for O’Baby’s swim class.  This afternoon, she won’t be able to take a test for school because I have to take Bubba to piano lesson.  And the last two days,  I had to wake Hubby at 6:25am to take me to work.  Last night, Bro was nice enough to pick me up because Hubby had to go out to dinner with his boss.

It’s affecting all of us, but it’s only for a month.  Then I get my new little zip-zip car!  I can’t wait.