Snuggle time with the family

O’Baby seems to be back to his normal self, after enduring terrible teething pain the past few days. I watched him for a little while yesterday and it was just wonderful.

Last night, he got a bath and went to bed at his normal time, but Bubba and I heard him yelling for a while after that. The Princess decided to just bring him back upstairs for a while to help him settle down.

We were just watching some Sp0ngeB0b, and we plopped O’Baby on the couch with us. He was so thrilled to be up in the ‘middle of the night’. He just kept looking around and smiling.

Then he climbed up on my lap, looked me deep in the eyes, and squeezed me tight around my neck. He smushed his chubby face into mine, and gave me big wet slobbery kisses.

When he was done, he climbed over to Bubba on the other end of the couch. He laid on his chest and squeezed him tight. Then he went at him for some slobbery kisses, too.

We both giggled the whole time. We snuggled with O’Baby while he relaxed and played quietly. He enjoyed a little cartoonage against Bubba’s advice, and rolled around the floor with his blankie. When Hubby came home, O’Baby crawled right to him and climbed up on his lap to snuggle.

Eventually, O’Baby went off to bed happy and tired. All he needed was a little snuggle time with the fam.
Our baby. He loves his family.