Travelling fun

My mom came out to visit this weekend. She arrived early Saturday morning, then was on the 7:40pm flight out tonight.

I got her to the airport at 6:00 tonight, exactly. It was kinda early, but that was okay. She went inside and found out that her flight had been cancelled. The last flight out. Then they told her she could get on the 6:10 flight, leaving RIGHT NOW.

She ran over to the other gate, and a man met her there, saying, “Are you xxxx?” She said yes, and he walked her onto the plane. They pulled the stairs away just after she boarded.

The plane taxied out onto the tarmac. Where it has been since I left her. Seems Chicago has only two open runways, and her flight had to wait. Right now, her projected arrival time is 9:03pm. I’m pretty sure they’ve finally taken off.

Seems that whenever some one flies out from Chicago to visit us, there is a 50-50 chance that there will be a major mess-up with the flight going home. One time, my poor brother had to wait eight hours. Another time, Blondie and my mom had to wait five hours ON THE TARMAC for a flight out. Without having a cigarette.

It’s always a crapshoot when you come to visit us, I guess. Thank goodness my family is a crazy bunch of risk-takers.

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  1. You’re absolutely right. While I was trying to get on a flight that was ready to take off and while I sitting in the plane on the tarmac for almost 2 hours, I thought of Jack. He should never have to go through this. I got my ticket at 6:08am and boarded the flight at 6:10pm. They held the flight for me. But unfortunately, O’Hare in the last three times I have been in Kansas, kept us on the tarmac because they weren’t letting any plane into Chicago. But I was lucky in so many ways: I got on a flight and Kansas Airport is a very easy airport to get to the gate. And best of all, I didn’t stop to have a smoke before I went in to check the departure board. So I was very lucky.

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