A big day for the Orphie family

Tonight after dinner, Hubby took Bubba and me on a ride to the store. Then we went through the drive-thru for shakes. Then we took the long way home.

As we turned into our tiny subdivision, Bubba undid his seatbelt and watched over Hubby’s shoulder. Hubby circled slowly around the cul-de-sacs. The three of us waited with bated breath.

Finally, it happened.

We all hollered and whooped when we saw the odometer on the Maxima flip to 100,000.

This is the longest any of our cars have ever lasted. And it’s still our favorite, zoomiest, most trustworthy car.

Jeez, the last time I did this, I was with a group of teenagers in a beater in Chicago. It just never gets old, does it?