Pet Peeves

Yeah, we all have them. Unfortunately, I have a ton of pet peeves. I’m sure it would take me days to list them all. But I’ll share the ones that are on my mind today. Maybe you could share yours too.

Or at least tell me it’s not just me.

1. I hate when people leave things plugged in when they aren’t being used.
2. I hate when patients’ families try to make the ED visit all about them instead of the patient.
3. I hate when people bring dogs to school. How do they know there isn’t one child in the school that is mortally afraid of dogs? And how do they know their dog won’t snap when suddenly surrounded by a hundred yelling schoolkids?
4. I hate when teen-aged boys take over all the weight benches at the health club.
5. I hate when people say nu-cu-lar instead of nuclear. Don’t even get me started.

Feel free to contribute to this list. Have a nice day anyway.