Signs of spring

Signs of spring I have noticed lately:
– tons of mud in the yard
– patches of green scattered throughout the mud in the yard
– three dogs with a total of twleve muddy paws that need wiping
– buds on the trees
– lots of sneezing and watery eyes from the buds on the trees
– crocuses, irises and tulips pushing their green leaves up through the mulch
– the willow branches are turning green, soon to bud
– lots more golfers on the golf course
– lots and lots more golf balls in the yard
– the sun somehow feels warmer
– it’s lighter out later
– I have spring fever – I can’t wait to get out and walk all over the world and explore new trails
– the next-door neighbors are back from Florida
– lots of litter lining the creek beds
– the goldfinches are starting to brighten and turn gold again
– the squirrels are crazy active lately
– baseball spring training
– I open the car windows a lot more now
– I leave the heat turned off more often
– I can open the windows more, too
– the windows need a serious cleaning
– the yard needs to be raked and cleaned up.

What signs of spring are you seeing?

3 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. BASEBALL!!! CUBBIES!!! Oh, please stock up on Claritin because Kansas allergies make me want to claw my eyeballs out. Then I won’t be able to enjoy watching BASEBALL!!

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