In which my love for Bonnie Hunt increases exponentially

You may know that I love Bonnie Hunt. You know her – she has a talk show, she was in a couple of movies, one with Steve Martin. She’s a funny lady.

And she’s a former nurse (!) and she comes from Chicago (!). Like me (!).

Anyway, I watch her talk show whenever I can. Mostly to listen to her Chicago accent, which makes me feel like I’m home again. Last week, Bonnie had her mom on via videophone, which she does regularly. Her mom still lives in the old neighborhood in Chicago.

Bonnie asked her mom about the project she’d been working on. Her mom held it up to the camera:
It was a Cubbies poster.

Her mom was very proud of it, because it was done mostly freehand, except of course where she used a paper plate to make the circle for the logo in the middle.

A Cubbies poster, for those who don’t know already, is just a plain piece of posterboard that usually has a Cubs logo in the middle, and contains lots of encouraging words for the Chicago Cubs. Mostly short slogans. And it’s always homemade. With markers or maybe even paint. Quality varies.

If you don’t know, I have been making Cubbies posters sporadically for the past many years. I also use paper plates to make the logo. I also make up slogans to cheer on my team. I use up many magic markers. And I hang my posters in the front window.

Who knew I was so cool?

And all those years my kids thought I was a dork.