Nature boys

So Bubba had Jake S and Nick M over yesterday. It was a nice day, so they spent most of their time outside.

I looked out the back window to check on them and I saw the boys standing on the brush-covered hill that directly overlooks the golf course our property abuts.

Bubba was standing there with his back to me, obviously peeing. About twenty feet to his right was Jake S, also facing the golf course and peeing. And between them was Nick M, pants at his ankles, facing the golf course, peeing.

The Princess and I laughed while we waited until they were done, then I told them not to do that again.

Thank goodness there were no golfers out at the time.

What the neighbors must think of us.

3 thoughts on “Nature boys

  1. Now that’s what I call male bonding! Way to go, Bubba!

    Jack also had his bonding time today. He peed in Uncle’s toilet SIX times! Amen! The boy will finally pee in a toilet that isn’t dark blue! Hooray!

  2. That is so funny!! Last night, I saw a dad standing next to his little boy on the highway, and the little boy was peeing. I thought of Bubba…

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