Happy birthday, Uncle!

Today is my brother’s birthday. We are a little over one year apart in age. I don’t remember ever living a day without him.

He is very unique and special.

He is the fellow who
– flew out to Kansas to be with me and my newborn Bubba over Thanksgiving, when Hubby and our other kids went to Chicago. We ate fudge for dinner and he bought me flowers for no reason.
– cut our much-younger cousin Kathy’s hair when they were both little.
– helped my mom take care of Gram when she was old and older. Before Gram died, he promised her he would take care of her dog, and he did until she died too.
– takes the little old neighborhood ladies to their doctor appointments if they ask him to.
– is my dad’s best friend, and his joy in his advancing age.
– always wants to fix something when he comes out to visit us.
– is a better trainer than the dog whisperer.
– eats four-inch-thick peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches every day.
– ran all the way home and sat on the back steps because he was too afraid to go to his first confession.
– understands our nephew Jack better than almost anyone on earth.
– is the go-to guy for everyone in his neighborhood.
– is the go-to guy for his family.

My brother is the best!
And he’s 45!
and I love him!

Happy, birthday, Greg!

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