Earth day

Yeah, I know that was a week or so ago, but today we were all about the earth. We went to the garden store, then did a bunch of digging and planting, Bubba and I.

We bought two hostas, which we divided into nine plants, and planted them in front of the garage.
We planted two heirloom tomato plants, a basil, a roma tomato, a big boy tomato, two cilantro, and a patty pan squash plant.
We sowed seeds for green beans, yellow beans, and zucchini.
Tomorrow, we install two topsy-turvy planters on the garage. We will plant a roma tomato, a big boy tomato, a cilantro and a basil plant in them. As the season progresses, Bubba and I will observe the differences between the topsy-turvy plants and the ones in the ground.

Things like this get us so excited!

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