Bits and pieces, pieces and bits

– I’m so happy it’s spring finally. It’s so green up here in my house in the trees – it’s getting harder to see the golf course now. Yay!
My sister is growing huge with twins, I haven’t seen her belly lately. I don’t get to go to Chicago until 4th of July, so I will be needing some pictures before her arms are too short to reach past her belly with the camera.
– My Blondie is dog-poor. She is forgoing many pleasures (and some necessities) to support her pooches. I know it’s worth it to her, but I also know it’s hard. I’m proud that she is somehow making it work. Dinner at Grandma’s tonight!
– My Bro is also poor, but it has nothing to do with dogs. He doesn’t have any that I know of. But he’s living the life of a single twenty-year-old on his own. He seems happy lately and that makes it worth it.
– The Princess is busy and focused and seems happy. She is finishing her first successful college semester, planning for the future, raising O’Baby with love and joy, and keeping in touch with her friends. All good things.
– Hubby is STILL mourning the dog track even though it was closed almost a year ago. The man is touched, I swear. We have to plan all our vacations around the location of the nearest dog track. Yeesh.
– Bubba was dissatisfied with the basic overview of the periodic table his book gave him, so we had to order a deck of cards with all the elements on them, including detailed information about each. A fine example of better education through OCD.
– My life is the same as always. I watch O’Baby, take care of the house, work, take care of Bubba. I am happy my garden (my all-over-the-place garden) has been planted. Even my upside-down tomato plants are looking good. I have been walking Bubba home from school whenever I can, so I’m getting a little exercise. Bubba’s baseball practices have begun, so I’m looking forward to watching him play.
– I loved The Bigge$st 1oser last night! Did you watch it! OMG, I laughed, I cried! I have to get all the phones and email addresses I can and vote to keep Mike! That kid reminds me of Bro so much – I just love him!
– My mom’s on faceb00k now. Cats and dogs living together? Whoever heard of such a thing?!

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