Mother’s Day recap and weather update

It’s totally gorgeous around here today. Spring in Kansas is so beautiful. It’s going to be 71 today, sunny all day, and I’m going to walk the boys home from school.

They will complain the whole time, but they get so mad if I drive them on a nice day. Whatev.

The rain that made the whole area lush and green is having a wonderful effect on my vegetable plants. Even my topsy-turvy tomatoes and basil are flourishing. The cilantro, not so much yet.


I had a nice weekend. Hubby and I had a real actual date Saturday. We went to a matinee of the new $tar Tr3k movie, then out to Buffa10 W1ld W1ng$. We were gone about four hours, which never happens. (If you don’t count Hawaii.) It was a thoughtful gift from The Princess, since she watched Bubba for us. We had a good time.

Mother’s Day was great. I have decided that every Mother’s Day, I will schedule a huge job around the house. Sunday, I cleaned out Bubba’s room, and his old room. I moved his dresser into the playroom, which is now his official Room. And I moved the desk into his old room which is now officially the Guest Room. In the process, we filled five giant garbage bags with toys and clothes for goodwill, and three more of trash. We saved some stuff for O’Baby and Jack, but Bubba got rid of about HALF his toys.

I guess we never realized how many things he hadn’t played with in so long.

Then I cleaned his windows, washed the screens and installed security bars. I vacuumed, dusted and rearranged. It looks great now, and Bubba is elated!

Amazing how everybody did what I asked them to do – and more! – without complaining even a little! That was the best gift of all.