Breaking up

So today was Bubba’s spring piano recital. It was his last. And I was very sad.

We decided to take Bubba out of private piano lessons with his teacher Miss Elaine. He has been having absolutely no fun at all lately with his music. It’s been like pulling teeth to get him to practice. It’s been two years he’s been studying with Miss Elaine and he’s learned quite a bit.

But I want him to have fun.

So we took him over to a local music place, which is based on a school-of-rock kind of theme. There are a lot of preteens and teens taking guitar and drum lessons there. The place is full of all kinds of music, all kinds of people. It’s social, it’s casual, it’s fun.

Bubba will be in a group piano class. They will have casual performances every couple of weeks and a couple larger performances for the parents. They will learn to play by ear and improvise.

Bubba has two private lessons before he joins the class. The first lesson didn’t even involve the piano. He and his instructor worked on clapping out rhythms. Basic, but fun. And the instructor kept asking us what kind of music Bubba liked.

Neither he nor I had any idea. So I’ve been shuffling through my ip0d trying to figure out what he likes. So far, I think he leans toward something with heavy drums and guitar. Heavy metal, most likely.

And Elvis Costello, naturally.

I think this is gonna be fun.

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  1. When music lessons stop being fun, then the lessons have to stop, before the child is turned off music completely. You’re doing the right thing!

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