News flashes:

– I am having hot flashes again, and with increasing frequency. Is it too much to ask that my period go away right now because I’m all done and have been for a while?
– O’Baby hasn’t nursed for over 24 hours now. I guess that means he’s weaned. Coincidentally, he took his first step today. Oh. My. God.
– Bubba’s last day of school is Wednesday. I hope I can keep him happily occupied for the next eleven or so weeks.
– Opie, our new cockatiel, really likes Bubba. Each morning, Bubba takes Opie out of her cage and brings her up to his bedroom, where he has a little bird playground set up on his playtable. While she plays, he brushes his teeth. Then he reads her a book. He believes that she will learn to talk by listening to him read. He may be onto something. He’s so smart.
– The Princess now has nine college credits to her name. Who knew?
– We are finalizing plans for our family trip to Miami this summer. Yes, I know it will be hot. And there will be big bugs.
– I should find out soon if my application for RN II was approved. If it was, and I think it’s likely, I will get a raise. Since my hospital system put a freeze on all raises except these, I will be going for my RN III right away. Talk about incentive.
– Bro is preparing to move into an apartment with a new roommate. He is very excited. It sounds really nice, and I think he will enjoy it a lot more than where he’s living now.
– Blondie is currently dating a nice boy. I’m glad she has someone who will treat her like the wonderful girl she is.
– The Princess is going to a pig roast today. The band Manchild will be playing there. Let’s say it together: Manchild. How fun!
Have a great extended weekend!