Who needs a silver lining?

I’m so glad it’s a cloudy day today. I wouldn’t even mind some rain, if it weren’t for my terrible allergies.

I went to the eye doctor today for a recheck, just to make sure there was no damage from my past iritis, and no new stuff going on. He put tons of drops in my eyes, which caused my pupils to dilate. Wide. And by wide, I mean BLOWN.

My eyes are all black right now. The Princess says I have ‘PUPILS!’, which is what Ruthie gets when she is over-excited and runs crazy-laps around the house until we lock her in the bedroom.

No, I’m not going to run crazy-laps around the house. But it does feel like my glasses are coated with vaseline. Every is so fuzzed and blurry. I can’t even read. And of course, my eyes are extremely sensitive to light. At least for the next few hours.

So I’m glad it’s cloudy today. I hope it stays that way. And I hope that I still have my crazy pupils when I go to Bubba’s end-of-the-year party at school today.

I love freaking him out.

2 thoughts on “Who needs a silver lining?

  1. Be very careful driving. It’s difficult to drive with big pupils looking through vaseline covered glasses. Have fun at the end-of-school party today.

  2. I hope you’ll soon recover from your present condition. It’s pretty hard when our illness involves our eyes. It makes us appreciate everything. This site might also be helpful. Thanks.

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