Sick day

Bubba is taking a day off. From the pool, from the sun, from nature, from outside.

Needless to say, he is not happy about this.

Friday he went to the pool with a friend. The friend sprayed Bubba with sunscreen and he jumped immediately into the pool. He got a sunburn.
Hubby took him swimming the next day. I noticed that night after work that the right side of Bubba’s face was swollen and rashy. He said it didn’t itch, but I caught him scratching it a few times. I gave him benadryl and advil before bed.
He and Hubby went swimming again Sunday. That night, it hadn’t gone away. And his right eye seemed a little swollen. More benadryl and advil.
Today, he woke up with puffy eyes, puffy face, rashy cheek. No more sun, swim or outside. We’re seeing a movie at 2pm and the doctor at 4pm.

Oh – also, Sunday Bubba got hit with a pitch on his thumb while he was holding the bat. It’s pretty swollen and cut up, but I don’t think it’s broken.

That poor kid needs a day off.

2 thoughts on “Sick day

  1. Poor Bubba. He told me his thumb was his “badly”. After such a horrible day, he needed a day or rest.

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