Among other things…

– I am sick. My throat caught fire Thursday night, just before my mom came to visit. Now my head is swolled up and my glands are swolled up and my sinuses are clogged and I just want to sleep. I called in sick for tomorrow. Bad employee.
– We had a nice time with my mom. O’Baby practiced walking with her, and we cleaned out the local toy store buying presents for O’Baby’s First Birthday (which is the 17th – can you believe it?!). Mom also watched Bubba burn leaves and listened to his three-day-long running monologue about golf balls. We visited Bro’s new apartment and met his roommate and gave him kitchen stuff. Mom saw how good a mother The Princess is, watched Bubba’s baseball game, and at a nice lunch on a restaurant patio. Good times.
– Hubby left for Chicago before god got up this morning. He’s visiting his family, then doing meetings tomorrow. He’ll be home late tomorrow.
– The Princess went to a ballgame today and has a farmer’s tan and a burnt nose. Good times in the outfield.
– Bubba and Mom and I went to the bookstore last night. It’s gratifying to see that I have passed my passion for reading down to my son. He can’t put down “The Boys’ Book – How to be the Best at Everything.”
– I have had it up to here with my deck and patio and yard. I can’t maintain our lush landscape on my own. I need help and I’m not getting any. I am thisclose to paying the handyman guy out of my paycheck to take care of deck repairs and powerwashing the paint off the deck. It would totally be worth it to me.
– I’m hot and cranky and sick and I’m done now.

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  1. I’m so sorry you’re sick. That’s why you fell asleep on the couch before you were going to drive me to the airport. You were just hanging on! Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for all the food, brand new towels, comfy bed, great time.

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