Apologies are definitely in order

I just looked at my website and realized that it had been an entire week since I wrote an entry. I was aghast.

For the one or two of you that read this, I’m very sorry. Life has been busy and so have I. And rally, nothing eventful has occured.

Except that O’Baby turned one and had many parties. And he’s walking 98% of the time now. And he wants to climb everything. And he’s cutting his molars.

Oh – and Bubba has rediscovered the joys of baseball. And he’s still swimming all the time. And we’re going to sign him up for boy scouts.

And the deck is pretty much paint-free now, so I have to sand and stain it. That way O’Baby can play with his new watertable out there.

Oh, yeah – and I got a raise because I promoted myself to an RNII. And I’m working on my RNIII. And I got the iritis again after being so sick for a week.

And it’s hotter than heck out here lately and I’m about out of things to do indoors with Bubba.

And Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died.

I think that just about brings us all up to speed.
Take care.