Visit update

Hubby, Bubba and I went to Chicago for a visit this past weekend. We left The Princess and Bro home with O’Baby and assorted friends. I think we all had a very good weekend.

We got to visit and play with my sister’s children. They climbed all over Bubba, who looked like The Giant Boy next to them. Poor Livie got a blister on her finger when she picked up a leaf that Bubba had just burnt with a magnifying glass. And Jack got to run around and chase Bubba around Amy’s dining room table. It was so much fun to watch the cousins play together. It doesn’t happen often enough and they really do love each other.

My sister Amy looks wonderful. She is 23 weeks pregnant with twins and is pretty big, but not as big as I expected. I kept thinking she’d look like Bella in the fourth Twilight book, but she looked strong and healthy and happy. From the back she doesn’t even look pregnant! I don’t know how she does it with the two little ones and two more on the way, but she does.

My dad and I went to the health club together. It was his first time there, and since he is done with cardiac rehab, we thought it would be smart to have him try the club out. He did great – he worked out on three different machines, monitoring his heart rate the whole time. I think he will be able to continue his rehab routine very easily there, and maybe even use a personal trainer to develop a program for him to follow. Good job, Dad!

My brother has a new puppy who we all fell in love with. She is ten weeks old, and very strong and playful. She already listens to my brother, and already goes for walks with him. She will be a very good dog – smart and well-rounded. And she’s so cute!!

My mom cooked her brains out, of course. She and I made fajitas for Amy’s cookout and they turned out really good. Mom also watched the puppy and cleaned and worked and everything else. She is probably passed out on the couch right now, glad to have her quiet house back. It was nice to sit up late and talk with her in the kitchen. I miss that.

Hubby had a great time with his brothers and his mom. One night, he and his brothers met Blondie and her friends at the dogtrack for drinks. They had a wonderful time laughing and talking! Blondie said that she’s never apologized for her family so much in one night. But she and her friends had fun, and she was happy to spend time with her Daddy. Hubby also took Bubba for a fast walk around the gold course on Lake Michigan. Bubba was properly worn out and even found four golf balls! Everybody wins!

Blondie brought her big dog and little dog and her boyfriend to Amy’s cookout. It was nice to meet Kevin, and the dogs behaved well. I don’t know how she handles those dogs, but you can tell she loves them so much.

The Princess and Bro enjoyed having the house to themselves while we were gone. They each had friends over, so the house was always full. I think the only bed that wasn’t slept in was the one in the guest room! They grilled, shot off fireworks, and hung out. And when the dishwasher broke, The Princess handled it just fine. She still fed anyone who came through the door. Poor girl was living my life!

I always come home from one our visits feeling like I have failed to give enough time to people who are very important to me. I eventually come to the conclusion that there just isn’t enough time in the world, but it’s still hard to feel like I failed someone. I don’t think that feeling will ever go away.

I’m just glad I was able to see the people I love most in the world. I’m lucky they let me visit.

3 thoughts on “Visit update

  1. Thanks for coming! You’re like creamy peanut butter and the family is like a slice of bread – you spread yourself thin (but not too thin) and covered the whole slice of bread. Everyone got to spend time with you and nobody was left out. And Stefi got to spent extra time with her Daddy and the uncles.

  2. Miles enjoyed eating all of your food and becoming best friends with o’baby. We had a good time and I’m glad you did too =)

  3. Livie keeps thinking that you’re coming over later. I had to remind her that you went back to Kansas. She was bummed. I can’t say I feel any different than she does. Miss you, Sister. Miss you so much.

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