Pleasant surprises

The past two mornings, I have forced myself to go outside with the kids (O’Baby and Bubba) to get some work done in the jungle that surrounds my house. I have let the tending go way too long and now I’m paying for it with harder-than-it-should-be labor and bug bites all over my entire body.

Yesterday, I worked on the front of the house and along the driveway. I pulled weeds, picked up sticks, chopped down dead perennials, and picked stray grass. It looked nice when I was done, but I didn’t get that much accomplished since I was keeping an eye on the baby and Bubba, who played while I worked.

Today, I finished the front and then worked my way around the northwest side of the house. There were so many tree-hopeful weeds that I had to lop down, so much long grass in the beds. It was a big job.

But amidst the riot of clematis blooms, under the prolific sedum, between the spent peonies, I found treasure. Some long-forgotten cilantro was running rampant. This was a plant I had long-ago given up on because I thought it was too temperamental.

And I also found green beans! There were about ten beautiful, ripe, perfect greens beans just waiting for us to pick. I had given up on the seeds I had planted, since the poor seedlings had all been demolished by bunnies. I thought they never had a chance.

We harvested our surprise cilantro and green beans. We ate a couple of the beans, and are saving some cilantro for fresh homemade salsa.

How nice to come across such unexpected success. Made my day.