Learning about Opie

Bubba and I took Opie, our cockatiel, to the bird vet for a well-bird checkup this morning. We’ve had her for three months now, and we’re really enjoying her.

The vet said she looked healthy, lean and happy. She said that The Princess and I cut her wing feathers too short last time we did it, so the vet will clip them next time and we will learn the right way to do it by watching her. I was relieved that we didn’t cause the bird any harm.

The bird’s nails are not to short or long. Her feathers look healthy – did you know they shed them in rows, so there’s always a bald spot somewhere if you really look closely?

And the vet thinks Opie’s a girl, too, due to her coloring. And she’s a mutt, just like our dogs. Her parents were a pearl and a pied cockatiel. And she has one gray feather in her headdress.

The vet said that we were feeding her right, and she was pretty social. And the vet suggested we look at her website to read about household hazards (frying pans, dogs, windows) and how to treat injuries.

We saw some birds that were up for adoption, but we decided we would stay a single-bird family until at least Christmas. This way we could really forge a strong bond with Opie.

The only thing I didn’t like about the vet was she seemed a little short with Bubba. I don’t think she knew how knowledgeable and gentle he was with birds. Oh well. Her loss, I guess. I imagine the only reason we would visit her anyway is to get Opie’s nails and feathers trimmed. Unless we learn to do it ourselves.

All in all, a good learning experience.

1 thought on “Learning about Opie

  1. Frying pans are a hazard to birds? I would think your HUGE windows are more of a hazard to the poor thing. It’s a good thing she can’t fly or she’d head straight for those floor-to-ceiling windows!

    Bubba can tell anyone anything they want to know about that bird, and all birds for that matter. I can’t believe how much he knows about them!

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