News of the world

It’s been a while since I updated. Sorry about that. Again.
What’s been going on around here?

– My beautiful, thoughtful, loving, fierce mother had a birthday. My card arrived on time, but the present has yet to be delivered. In fact, I just checked the site and it’s finally to be shipped today. Sorry Mom. I promise it will be totally worth the wait.
– O’Baby is learning everything! He gives you his shoes and points at the door to go out. He can show you his belly, his nose and his teeth. He will put a hand on his diaper if you ask him “Do you have poop in your diaper?” He will run to the piano and play when you ask him if he’s practiced yet. He loves plums and cereal and poptarts and he will get his own snack from the pantry, thankyouverymuch. And he yells AAAA-aaa! across the walmart when he sees me.
– Bubba spent all last week at his nature day camp. Then I worked all weekend, so I missed him terribly. I love that kid.
– My dad is here for a visit. We took Bubba and his friend to the inflatable party place this morning. I don’t know how those boys are still awake and moving. We got worn out just watching them sweat.
– We are all getting very excited about our trip to Miami. We can’t wait to see the Liger and the cockatoo that rides a unicycle on a tightrope. Some of us will go to South Beach at night, some will go kayaking during the day. We will all have a wonderful time!
– Our dishwasher broke. Then it finally got fixed after three weeks. Then the dishwasher and disposal and compactor didn’t work the next day. Then the clothes washer wouldn’t work either. Then three different repair guys came out yesterday and finally got everything working. I told The Princess the day before, “This is causing friction between us. I can’t wait until it’s all fixed.” She replied, “Curse you, household appliances!”
– I am full of anxiety because, although I did manage to get Bubba his proper amount and intensity of daily exercise, I don’t know if I will be able to facilitate the same for my dad. It’s raining out and probably will be all afternoon and evening. My brother’s gonna kill me.
– If you didn’t already know, the CUBS are in first place in their division. w00t! w00t!

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  1. I can hardly wait to see my birthday present. The suspense is building. I think Dad is probably exhausted after going to the pump it up place. I’m sure he’ll appreciate a nap or just smoking a cigar and reading on the deck. Just watching baby Owen do all his new stuff is going to wear Dad out. Have a great time.

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