We have a nice house. It’s big and beautiful and it feels like we live in the treetops.

Unfortunately, neither Hubby nor I are good at maintaining a house on our own. And Hubby does not like to spend money.

So after attempting to take care of many things myself, I faced reality. I signed up for a maintenance contract with our local repair service. And I started a house fund, just in case.

Well, we’ve used that repair service to death. They are making no money off of us. In the past few weeks alone, we’ve had at least ten different repair guys out. So I’m happy I didn’t discontinue the contract when money was tight.

As for the house fund, I told Hubby how much we had saved, and now we’re making a bunch of sorely-needed repairs around the house. We’re getting the deck sanded by a professional, after YEARS of trying to strip the paint, sand and stain it ourselves. We’re getting the fireplace repaired, because it burns dirty. We’re getting the piano tuned. And we’re getting the beautiful trees tamed trimmed so they don’t touch the house.

I am so excited about these wonderful changes. We’ll be able to use deck and O’Baby won’t get slivers! We’ll be able to use the fireplace when it gets cold, and not kill the bird with carbon monoxide! We’ll be able to enjoy the trees without getting poked in the eye!

And Hubby will be cleaning out the gutters this weekend. I’m shampooing the carpets a few rooms at a time. We’re gonna be living in a showplace soon! A clean one! With a new dishwasher!

I’m so excited! Come on over!