Another year begins

Bubba started second grade today.

We met his teacher and went over the class list the other night, and found he knew a lot of people in his class. The teacher seemed very nice, and said she had heard a LOT about Bubba from his last teacher.

I think that’s good.

Anyway, I think I was the only parent in the school who didn’t walk her child all the way to class this morning. So I made sure to show my face when I picked him up a wee bit early this afternoon.

After I sat in Connie’s car for a while chit-chatting with her.

I really missed the chit-chatting.

I was very proud that I actually used the treadmill in our basement this morning. It was too rainy to walk, and I didn’t want to join the health club unless I exhausted all other possibilities first.

It’s terribly depressing in the storage room, where the treadmill is located. I spent my workout time thinking of things to do to make it conducive to daily exercise. First thing is a good TV with cable. Then I can watch morning TV or The View while I wear myself out. And of course, the room needs a really good cleaning out. I’m worried boxes will fall on me while I’m speed-walking.

That’s about it for today. We all survived – in fact Bubba loved school! I think it’s the chess boards in the middle of the classroom.

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