Our quirky boy (plus news about eatmisery)

So Bubba’s teacher called all the parents of the kids in her class last night, just to touch base with them after their kids’ first day of school.

She gave us the usual compliments on our smart, confident, creative son. Then she said, “But there was one thing…”

I held my breath. Kinda like you are now. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“…We were taking pictures of the kids, and well…”

Me: I know. He can’t smile.
Her: Well, I know he can smile. I saw him do it all day!
Me: Yeah, but he can’t smile for the camera. He can’t pose. He never has been able to and he probably never will.
Her: He just looks so glum. I didn’t want you to think he was unhappy at school.
Me: No, we know he’s a happy kid. And he told us he loved school. It’s just his thing. I think he gets it from his father.
Her: He really looks miserable.
Me: That’s okay. You should see all the school and sports pictures he’s taken. Don’t worry about it.

My poor son. The boy who can’t smile. You just gotta love that kid.


A programming note: For anyone looking for my sister, eatmisery.
Her blog (Comments from the Peanut Gallery) was hijacked by badware and seems to have been deleted by Bl0gger. She is not happy about this, but is working on the problem. I will post updates on her situation when they become available.

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2 thoughts on “Our quirky boy (plus news about eatmisery)

  1. What an awesome teacher to take the time to call all the parents! My daughter starts K on Monday – I hope she has a teacher as awesome!

  2. I love taking pictures of Bubba because he always scowls! It’s his thing and no one does it better. It’s like Jack’s snarky face. They just do it and it’s endearing.

    And thanks for being the source for all things eatmisery! You are the jam in my jelly roll, Sister!

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