Slightly nervous

The hospital I work in offers a clinical ladder for nurses. You can be an RNII, RNIII or even an RNIV (which I will never be).

And since there were no raises this year, the only way to get one is to take a step up the clinical ladder. In June, I became an RNII and got a raise. In September, I file my packet proving that I am worthy of an RNIII and another raise. If I achieve this, I will have given myself a 10% raise this year. Yeah baby.

So I’m working my butt off. To be an RNIII, you have to do something that involves leadership (yours), and involves other departments in the hospital, and it must be ongoing so you can retain that RNIII for a while.

I chose to work on professionalism in nursing. It is such a broad topic that I can work it for years. I will be doing presentations at different department staff meetings, covering a different subtopic each quarter. This quarter the theme is bullying.

I have my first presentation today at 3pm. My material is good. The handouts are comprehensive and informative. After timing myself, I found that I can just cover the important basics in about five minutes. That should be enough. I also included cards that list desired behaviors, that people can slip into their namebadges.

My second presentation is at 7am tomorrow in another department. I have three more to give in September. Plus more if people become interested.

I am hoping the three talks I get done before the packet submission date will be enough to qualify me for the RNIII. I am hoping they won’t want to wait until I do more. I already do quite a bit in my unit, and I’m hoping my peer reviews will come back good.

We’ll see. I guess now I’ll have to work on writing a kick-ass RNIII submission packet.
Yeesh. What I do for money.

Note: my sister’s blog is back up!

2 thoughts on “Slightly nervous

  1. No raises here this year either & hubby took a small pay cut… but w/ so many people losing their jobs, we cannot complain! Congrats & good luck!

  2. Good luck on your quest for an RNIII. Raises and bonuses in this economy are being discontinued by most companies, so you’re going about it the right way by working toward another position level (and higher pay). These are rough times, and those of us who still have their jobs definitely do not take it for granted.

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