Feels like I’m rehabbing the house today.

The sander guy is out on the deck, sanding the floor to a fragrant, smooth, unblemished finish. His assistant is fixing some boards and pounding down some nails. The tree guys are next door, and they will come over here after that. They’ll trim and shape all our trees today, pull the vines off the house, and get rid of the wild sucker trees growing all over. There will be no trees hitting or hanging over the house anymore. Won’t that be cool?

The deck looks so wonderful! I can’t wait to get some stain and put on twelve coats. O’Baby will be able to run around out there without getting slivers, and it will open a whole new treetop world to him. And I’m on the prowl for some new outdoor furniture on the cheap, too. How nice it will be to enjoy a beautiful trimmed yard, on my beautiful deck with a cold beer in my hand!

I wish I weren’t working this weekend.