Story time

I’ve got a good story for you.

The other day at work (I am an ED nurse if you weren’t aware), a patient came in with shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and nausea. We were very busy at the time, so the triage nurse just put him in a room and told me he needed an EKG.

I hooked him up to the monitor, blood pressure cuff and O2 sat monitor, plopped on some oxygen and did the EKG. He was having a hard time. His heart rate was between 164 and 180 (normal is 60-80), his O2 sat was fine, his blood pressure was low. He had been through this before many times, but this was pretty bad for him. He wanted to throw up and was sweaty and pale.

I started an IV line on him right away, but realized that I had forgotten something I needed to complete the task. As I crossed the room to get what I needed, I stepped on the casters of the rolling stool. As my weight came down on my foot, I slid and tumbled and fell straight toward the sink mounted on the wall. The patient’s wife caught me before I hit it and I righted myself quickly.

As we all breathed a sigh of relief, I looked up at the patient’s heart monitor and saw he had converted back to a sinus rhythm of 80 beats per minute.

Seems the sharp intake of breath that he took when he saw me fall was enough to fix him. I finished my task, did a repeat EKG to confirm his conversion, and notified the doctor that I had fixed the patient.

I’ll do anything for my patients.

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