I am still not recovered from the drastic pruning of my trees, particularly my willow.

I know, I know. No big deal. They’ll grow back. The house looks bigger, the trees more stately, the yard neater. There are less bugs, more sunshine, less messy leaves on the deck, patio and driveway.

So what’s my problem?

I figured it out the other night. We slept with the windows open, and I realized that it was quiet. Too quiet.

The squirrel nests are gone. Some birds’ nests are gone. The lush shelter of the giant willow is gone. Exposure chased away my backyard wildlife.

I am sad that this has happened. I even miss that one early-rising bird whose raucous call would rudely awaken me in the barely-dawn hours. I know they’ll all eventually come back, but that’s what I’m missing.

I had no idea nature’s symphony was the soundtrack of my daily life.