I’m going for the next rung on my clinical ladder at work.

I earned my RN II in June, and I’ve been working on activities that would make me eligible for my RNIII for the past few months. Each advancement comes with a raise, and since they have frozen all other raises system-wide, this is my only chance to make more money this year.

I need to fill out a comprehensive profile and self-assessment that will be reviewed by the selection committee, and it’s due to my manager September 4. Nothing like cutting it close, huh. But it’s weird to toot your own horn – to the point of braggadoccio – so I’m having a tough time of it.

And the fact that I asked two of my coworkers (who are on the selection committee) to review my profile before I submit it makes it that much harder. I hate the fact that people I work with everyday will read this crap I have to write.

But I better get to work. The baby’s sleeping, Bubba’s at a friend’s house, and Hubby is napping, so I have a little time to get this stuff started.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Self assessment. That’s difficult to do. Write truthfully and let your passion for nursing show. You’re a great nurse because you care about your patients. I’ve met very few good nurses during the last few years, but the one stands out. A nurse who came in to check on Gram in the hospital, bent down closely so Gram could see her and hear her, looked her in her eyes, held her hand and gently and softly said “I’ll take care of you” was kind. Gram died later that day, but a kind gesture from a nurse, I know, made her journey a little more peaceful.

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