A wholesome family Sunday

So we got up this morning and went to church.

Somebody pick Amy off the floor please.

Ahem. So Hubby, Bubba and I went to church. I’ve been feeling guilty that we’ve been making him go to CCD and he’ll be making his first Communion next spring, and we never (never) go.

So we went and it was nice. There is comfort in ritual, something familiar about the words and songs, a feeling of community that surrounds you when you all sit and stand and kneel at the same time.

And that’s about as far as it goes for me.

But the church is brand new and different. It was just dedicated this summer, and I can’t say that it is beautiful, but it is interesting. I have never been in a Catholic church that does not have a big Christ on the crucifix behind the altar. This one didn’t. And since they’re offering tours and detailed explanations of the church decor next month, I’m going. My curiosity is piqued.

After church, we came home, did laundry, ate lunch. Then Hubby, Bubba and I went on a long bike ride to a local park. We hiked the creek, then did the hilly walking trail, played on the playground, then rode the long way home. It was a real workout, and so much fun. It was just the perfect weather too – not too warm, with a cool breeze. How wonderful.

When Bubba gets big, and I’m sitting around missing him, I will remember our bike trip. How strong he was on the hills, him standing in the middle of the creek, us sitting on a parkway having a drink and a rest. I’ll think of those things and I’ll be so glad we had this time with him.

He’s our last one. And we had a very good day together.

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  1. You went WHERE? I’m sorry, I thought it said, “church.” Are you feeling okay?

    Glad you had a great day with Bubba. He’ll always remember that day, you know.

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