A partial sigh of relief

I finished my CAP III profile and self-review today. It was hard, tooting my own horn and making it sound interesting. But it’s done.

I sent copies to my manager and two coworkers who are on the selection committee, just to get their feedback. I should see at least one of them tomorrow, so I hope they have some good suggestions for me. I wonder if they’ll pick me for advancement? Or if they’ll just think I’m full of myself.

The stuff I’ve been doing for work is not easily evaluated or measured. It’s mostly presentations and information dissemination. Oh well, we’ll see I guess.

So I’m breathing a half-sigh of relief. I still will not allow myself to start reading a new book until Sept 4th is done and gone. That’s the deadline for official filing of my CAP III profile stuff.

After that, you’ll hear my sigh from Chicago. Then I’ll just have to wait for the committee’s decision. And that won’t be until November, I think. Yeesh.