A 99% Deck-Free Post

Yesterday, I had to watch O’Baby from 3pm until his mom got home from an all-day concert festival. It was fun. It was exhausting. He’s so sweet and strong and smart! We had a great time.

We picked Bubba up from school – that meant he (O’Baby) ran around the school with me chasing him for a while.
Then we went to the pet store to hang out. I held O’Baby’s heavy baby body in my arms the whole time. He fell in love with the big birds, the puppies, and especially the kitten, who rubbed his soft body against O’Baby’s outstretched hand!
We came home and got the mail – that meant he ran around outside with me chasing him in a light rain.
Then Hubby came home and made raviolis, which O’Baby loved.
After O’Baby had two – count ’em – two! poops!, Hubby gave him a bathy in the big tub. I dried him off (O’Baby, not Hubby), then applied the three different lotions as instructed by his mother.
Then I put our little guy to bed. He cried for no more than ten minutes, then fell into a sound sleep.

This experience showed me that I couldn’t possibly handle a baby of my own at my age. But I am able to enjoy extended fun times with my grandbaby. Oh, how I love that boy.

PS I’m sanding the deck railings today. Staining the deck tomorrow if I don’t have to work.

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