Weet update etc.

The bird is okay. She has no tailfeathers anymore, so she looks like kind of a mutant, but she’s fine. She’s not limping anymore, her appetite is good, and she’s active and interactive, as always.

That poor bird.


So I moved the outdoor furniture back up to the deck this afternoon. I forgot how buggy it gets out there in the late afternoon. The Princess and I got totally bit up.

We hosed off the furniture, brought out some of O’Baby’s toys, put up the umbrella, and it looks all kinds of homey out there now.

All I need is my chiminea, the concrete tiles to go under it, two chair cushions, and two chaise lounge cushions. It’s gonna be so nice!


Also – I successfully completed the Trauma Nursing Provider Core Course today. I am once again trauma certified for your protection.