It’s officially fall!

Although it’s in the upper 70s and sunny, I have decided it’s fall.

The squash and pumpkins and mums are on display at the grocery stores. One or two maples are turning red. Football’s on. And we went apple-picking today!

It was so much fun! O’Baby learned how to pick apples and put them in the basket. Or throw them at his uncles. And he played with baby goats and chickens and ducks! Or chased them around. He was walking and falling all over in the high grass between the apple trees. He loved it!

Bubba and Bro and The Princess were whipping apples at each other. I know Bro will have bruises all over his body tomorrow, especially where The Princess beaned him on the side of the head.

Now we have lots of apples throughout the house and mums on the front stoop. All our trees are still green, but last night was chilly enough to light a fire outside in the chiminea. Hubby and I enjoyed a beer out there in the dark, while he occasionally poked the fire with a stick. Good times.