Random items for your consideration

– I started a weight-loss program. My goal is to lose 33 pounds by the new year. This program is intense and expensive, but I’m hoping it will officially end my lifelong struggles with weight. The first two weeks, I have to visit the center almost daily to check in and get me started on the right path. There’s so much to learn, I’m actually glad for this forced accountability. The counselor states I will be an expert on this by the time two weeks is past. I hope so.

– I have shampooed the front room carpet AT LEAST once a day for the past week. I can handle mud. I can handle dirt. I can even handle soda. But I draw the line at pee. I don’t know what’s going on with one of the three dogs, or which one it is, but this better stop. Right now.

– It’s been about 50 degrees out each of the past three mornings, and all the windows are open in my bedroom. Bliss!

– I am working a lot this week and next, due to a two-day class on pediatric trauma and preparing for next weekend’s wedding in Chicago. So I’m worn out. Already. And the house is falling to pieces, and I have to think about measuring and selecting and avoiding food all the time. I actually can’t wait for the long car ride to Chicago, just so I can get some rest.

My sister is about to pop! Go see her 34-week-along-with-twins picture, and marvel in the abundance and fertility and good health she radiates!

– O’Baby is running around everywhere lately, loving the outdoors especially. And he’s become quite proficient at communicating his needs and wants without using words. Oh boy, we’re in big trouble when he starts talking! Plus, he’s been practicing his dance moves for the wedding. That boy can pop, lock, and drop it real low!

– Bubba is mastering vocabulary words like cognizant, pluvious, invisible, ludicrous, antennae, and entomologist this week. Each week, he tries to stump me with his new words, and occasionally he gets me. I actually think his teacher made up pluvious. Bubba’s having such fun with these weekly challenges!

– The Princess has started taking an online CNA course, PLUS orienting to a new waitressing job, PLUS interviewing for a job at my hospital as an admitting representative, PLUS keeping up with O’Baby, who didn’t sleep from midnight to 5am last night. So she’s kinda stressed.

– Bro is getting some dental work done today. Not fun. Which reminds me, we have to get him some nice clothes for the wedding. Fun! Also, he’s getting a new roommate at the beginning of the month.

– Blondie has a fierce protector in Ryno, the dog she rescued from starvation. During a recent nighttime incident in the alley behind her apartment, Ryno did his best to alert her, then stood between her and everyone else until everything was resolved. He’s so totally worth the work she’s put into restoring him to health.

Time to shower, then go think about food some more. This diet is work, people. Hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end.