Time out!

So last week I worked three days (that’s full time for me). And I already worked Sunday and today this week. Tomorrow and the next day – PALS class downtown.

All day at work, I kept skirting closer to the idea of calling in sick for the class. As each hour passed, I grew more certain that I would blow it off, even though that’s not a courteous thing to do at the last minute.

Finally at the end of today’s shift, I put in a page (unanswered) and an email to the instructor expressing my sincere regret and hope for a reschedule of the class. I blamed the flu.

On the way home, I called The Princess. I told her that I wouldn’t be going to the class, I would be spending the next two days with her.

She said, “I am so glad! I was going to miss you so much if you went to the class, then left for Chicago the next day!”

The guilt was gone. Now I know why I did it.