I am feeling full of joy – joyful – for many reasons today.

Number one: My sister‘s babies are home! After two long weeks in the NICU, Liesl and Leia are finally home with their brother and sister and parents and big brown dog. I can’t imagine the relief and joy Amy and John must be feeling. I am so happy they can all finally start their new life as a big family!

Number two: I am taking great pleasure in wearing clothes lately. Not that I went around nude or anything, but my clothes all were so tight. Now they’re not. And I’m able to wear old smaller clothes that are actually loose on me. How nice it is to wear clothes that don’t constrict. I won’t ever take that for granted again.

Number three (and most important): Today is Bubba’s eight birthday! The baby it took thirteen years for us to be ready for has now been bringing us daily joy for eight full years. I can’t say enough about what a thrill it is to live with this kid. He is so smart and loving and funny. And he has such a kind heart and sweet smile. The Princess, O’Baby and I went to his school today for his special day. I was supposed to speak about my job, but Bubba was all about O’Baby. The kids fell in love with him of course. Bubba was the proud boy-uncle, and it was so cute! Bubba brings happiness to everyone he meets. We’re so lucky to have him!

Happy birthday, joy of my life! I love you!

3 thoughts on “Joy

  1. hahahaha I love that you call it battle of the bulge. and I’m glad to hear that there IS a weight loss plan that works! must feel great 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss. I’ve maintained by 25 pound loss for almost a year and now it is time to lose the other 25!

    And I can’t believe Bubba is 8 – he was just a pre-schooler when I started reading!

    Congrats on O’Baby, too! Still waiting to be a grandmother…

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