Dishwasher drama redux

It’s a beautiful day. I should be outside. Bubba and Hubby are currently on the Bike Ride from Hell. I could have joined them.

But no. I am home.


Remember the nightmare of a time we had with our dishwasher and circuit breakers over the summer? The six weeks we did dishes by hand? The ten-plus repairmen we had out to visit?

Well, last night it started again.

The dishwasher crumped in the middle of a cycle, so this morning we woke up to a dirty dishwasher full of dirty dishes and dirty smelly water.

Then the circuit breaker blew and I couldn’t get it to work again, and the disposal and compactor are also dead now.

I called the repair guy and he should be out soon. Sounds like the house was not wired correctly in the first place, so we may have to invest in upgrading the kitchen wiring. Crap.

But I can’t go through this again. I don’t want my brand-new dishwasher (from the future) to break like the last one did. And although I really like our repair guys, I would rather not see them all again. Unless they come to my Christmas party.

Yuck. At least tomorrow will be just as warm and beautiful. Don’t try to call me. I’ll be out.



I forgot to tell you!

I got my RN III yesterday! It’s official! I got a raise and a promotion and everything! I’m soooooo pumped!

I’m so happy, I want to eat carbs!