An uneventful but still good day

I woke up when Hubby left to work out this morning. I lay in bed for a long time, just stretching and snoozing on and off. Penny joined me. It was so wonderful to lie in for a while.

Got up to see O’Baby and his daddy eating breakfast. Bubba got up and asked me to open the cereal box, but he would pour the cereal and milk. Which he did successfully.

The Princess was up before Grandma turned on the sun, driving over an hour to complete her last day of clinicals for her CNA course. She phoned a couple of times on breaks. She came home with terrible poo-poo stories.

Hubby, Bubba and I spent some time at the bookstore, using Bubba’s birthday gift card from Grandma and Punka. What fun he had! And I bought The Princess a t-shirt with Edward on it, which she loved.

Then we went over to the 0ld Navy and I got some skinny leg pants and a pair of jeans, all in a smaller size than anything I currently own. How fun!

After lunch, I took Bubba to an ice-skating birthday party for one of his friends. I have never seen a boy fall down and get up so many times in my life. My son the tank. He had a really good time, and enjoyed a warm bath when he got home.

We went out to dinner to celebrate The Princess’ CNA course completion. O’Baby ate well, then threw his food on the floor. Bubba was so sleepy he almost couldn’t eat his dessert. Hubby was loud and boisterous. The Princess had a margarita. I went off my diet plan. For an evening. It was fun.

Now, The Princess and O’Baby are sleeping. Bubba is reading one of his new books. Hubby is watching football in bed. I am folding laundry and talking to my mom on the phone. The dogs are curled up in quiet places.

Uneventful. Just the way I like it.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Not exciting, but full of nice activities. These are the days we all wish for…..for all the days.

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