It’s time to get ready for the holidays around here.

The Princess and I are hosting an At Home America party on Tuesday night, and we have the big Post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Party on December 5th, so it’s time to actually clean and decorate the house.

Today I shampooed the living and piano room carpets. I am aware that this chore will have to be repeated at least a few times in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, since it will be 62, I plan to do outside chores. I will trim the hedges, cut down dead stuff, and clean up the yard. Maybe I’ll even get Hubby to climb a two-story ladder to change a few light bulbs.

Maybe not.

For Tuesday’s home demo, our theme is dips. We will have crudites and dip, fruit and dip, crackers and dip. You get the picture. It should be fun.

I feel fortunate that both events will take place in the evening, so I can dim the lights where the house is not-so-fresh-looking. But I regret that our guests will not be able to enjoy our view of the golf course in the dark.

That’s okay. I’d rather hide my messy house. I don’t often invite people to my home. I feel nervous, but I really miss the rambunctiousness of a large happy crowd of loved ones. Wish me luck.

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