You already know how lucky I consider myself to be. Over the Thanksgiving weekend that we spent in Chicago visiting our families, my feeling of good fortune was affirmed and reinforced.

I got to spend time with all the people I love. I held beautiful babies, hugged squirmy kids. I made cookies with my sister and hung out with my brother. I chitchatted with Dad and did dishes with Mom. I saw all my nieces and nephews on both sides of the family, and caught up with sisters- and brothers-in-law. I ate breakfast with my mother-in-law. I even saw my uncles and a couple of cousins and second cousins.

Each person in my family is so different. I love every one of them uniquely. How lucky am I to experience so many different and disparate kinds of love for so many people. Who could possibly have more blessings than I do?

Life is so good. And I am thankful every single day.


The holiday visit was wonderful. We drove there and back, Hubby and Bubba in one car, The Princess, O’Baby and I in another. The ride there was smooth and quick – we didn’t even hit the dreaded night-before-Thanksgiving traffic.

At the end of our ride there, we met our old friend Annette and her partner Lisa for dinner at Gino’s East. It was like twenty-two years never passed. We were still the same goofy people having the same wonderful times together. And it felt like we had known Lisa for years. What a great time we had.

The ride home, however, was more challenging. We started a little bit later than I wanted to, and although we made good time, our lunch stop lasted a long time. Poor O’Baby needed to stretch his legs and run around, so we stopped at Wild Wings. Then we hit a bottleneck fifty miles into Missouri, right at the point when we were about to stop for our second break. Believe it or not, O’Baby became sightly less adorable than usual.

He screamed for the last two hours of the ride home.

How happy he was to run around the house when we got home! He was free! And he had his Daddy, and his dogs, and his toys, and his house!

He is once again his happy self, albeit much more clingy than usual. He got so used to being held and watched constantly that he doesn’t want to be left to play on his own. The boy needs to be surgically removed from his so-over-it mother.

So I got out the mixed nuts and some bowls and spoons and cups, and he spent some quiet time sorting and pouring. And now he’s napping.

Soon life will be back to normal again. I hope.

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