It’s late, but I’m up

The last person left our party a little while ago. Hubby and Bubba and O’Baby are in bed. The Princess is out. I have finished cleaning up the kitchen for tonight.

What a wonderful time we had. We had about thirty people in the house at one point. Everybody brought something, and I made turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, asparagus, and two milky way cakes. Both of which were half-stuck in the pan, which everyone thought was great.

There were a bunch of kids, who Bubba graciously entertained. What a great kid! There was some football to watch. People kept coming, people kept eating. I drank wine, which I never do.

I admit to being slightly buzzed right now.

But we had such fun! The house was noisy. The dogs were good. There were many different conversations going on at once. At the end of the night, who was left? A couple of twenty-somethings, a couple in their thirties, Hubby and me, and a couple in their fifties. And we were having a blast! Of course we ended up in the kitchen – where else?

O’Baby fought sleep with all his might. He wanted to be with the crowd. Even Bubba stayed up until 10:06pm, which is a complete anomaly for him – he usually is in bed at the crack of nine-oh-oh or there is heck to pay.

I just can’t tell you how good it felt to have a house full of friends/family. How long it’s been since we’ve put ourselves out there far enough to let go and enjoy ourselves with our friends. How worried we were no one would show up, or we wouldn’t know what to do to make everyone have a good time.

There was no need to worry. Our friends needed this as much as we did. I hope this is the start of a new trend. I want to have people feel they can drop in when they want, and I want us to feel relaxed enough to invite our friends over frequently.

It feels so good. And I’m so happy.

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