Snow day

So we got another three inches of snow last night. Maybe a little bit more over the course of the day. It’s about 32, so I’ll be sending Bubba and his friend outside for most of the day.

That was I can work on my Mac some more.

Last night, I transferred photos from my camera to iphoto, then posted them on faceb00k. Successfully.

I have been reading the online tutorials regarding migrating everything over from my PC to the Apple, and I am going to attempt to move my pictures over today. If that’s successfully accomplished, I will do my music. The Mac wants to erase my whole itouch because it’s synced to another library. We can’t have that. No.

Luckily, Hubby has stopped pressuring me to let him take over my old laptop immediately. I think he sees how hard I’m working on it, and how intimidated I am by the whole thing. So I have a little bit more time before he gets antsy to hook up his new ipod to the old laptop. Whew.

The snow sure is beautiful. It covered all the dog footprints with a thick fluffy layer of white. How pretty.