Last day of winter break

So it’s Bubba’s last day off of school. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind. I think he’ll be happy to be back – he loves his teacher and he loves school. And I’m sure he misses his friends.

It’s been awfully hard to keep him happily entertained, since the weather has been so darn cold. There’s a ton of snow out there, most of it undisturbed, just waiting for a boy to jump and sled in it. But it’s so cold lately, it’s not feasible.

So what has Bubba been doing for activity? Bookstore, inflatable play place, open gym at the park district gymnastics place down the street, open gym at the gymnastics center farther away, running on the treadmill with Daddy, helping me shovel, reading.

The TV in the front room is in the shop again, so we can’t play Wii or Rock Band or watch our new blurays on our new bluray player. Yeesh.

So when Bubba goes back to school tomorrow, I won’t be laying around playing video games or watching videos and TV. I’ll be cleaning. I have multiple household projects to tackle.

Hopefully, they’ll keep me away from the food.