Under the weather

I’ve had a cough and cold for the past week or so. And I just can’t seem to shake it, especially the cough.
I realize that the cough can hang on up to a month after the cold goes away, but this one keeps Hubby and me up at night. It’s getting old.

Nothing I can do about it though. Except bitch and whine of course.


Yet another snow/cold day today. Luckily, Bubba has a friend over for the day, so he’s happily occupied. While the boys are playing Rock Band, I’ve been on the phone with ATT. We found an ancient laptop downstairs, and thought we’d try to hook it up for Bubba. Unbelieveably, I’ve been able to bring it partially out of the stone age, even getting it hooked up to the internet. Of course, it has no RAM or ROM, but if I remove most of the programs, it should work for Bubba’s needs.

Whenever I open more than two windows, the thing crashes. It’s gonna be slow and tedious, but I’m going to remove everything but the absolute bare necessities. Hopefully, this will resolve the crashing problem. Then Bubba can use it for his little online games at his desk in the front room, where we can keep a constant eye on him. Poor boy, all he wanted for Christmas was a laptop.

And this is what he gets. We call it the Rocktop since it’s from the Stone Age.

1 thought on “Under the weather

  1. I’m glad you were able to find a laptop for Bubba. I hope you can get it working so he can play on-line games. He’ll be thrilled.

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