Worked all weekend. Yesterday wasn’t too bad. The doctor, who usually admits everybody, made what I thought were wise decisions and was judicious with his admissions and discharges. Not bad at all.

Today was another story. We had a great doctor, but we got slammed with patients all day. And 90% of them were healthy and totally didn’t need to be in the emergency room. You puked once, then called an ambulance even though you were fine right afterward? Great. You got a teeny scrape on your lip? Hurry – get to the ER! Your thigh has had a numb spot off and on for the past week or so? Come right on in and waste my time, sister!

And be sure you hang out by your treatment room door, watching the nurses’ every move to let us know that you’re STILL WAITING! There’s a reason you’re still waiting! You’re not sick!

I could go on and on with the drug-seekers (and their drug-seeking offspring), the health-care system abusers who drive up all our medical costs, the just-plain-stupid people who waste valuable ED resources so that people who really need emergent care don’t get it in a timely manner.

I could just go on and on. Don’t get me started.

That’s all the venting for today. It just totally sucks the life out of a person sometimes.