Date night

Last night, Hubby and I went out to dinner. We chose a spot close to the house. It was a wine bar and bistro that we had never been to. We just had to get out for a while. Escape.

The place was inviting, uncrowded, and warmly decorated. The service was excellent and the food was really good. We each drank a glass of wine (which the server recommended), and after dinner we split a decadent dessert.

We lingered, because we were having such a good time. We talked, reconnected, laughed. We didn’t want the evening to end.

Eventually, we figured we milked our time away as long as we could, so we headed home. We got a text from Bro right then, telling us his car was ready at the shop and he needed a ride. At home, O’Boy had broken his crib, and The Princess was trying to get him to sleep in her bed. And Bubba was playing drums for Beatles Rock Band, using his typical excessive force.

Our date was over. Our normal life is noisy, crowded, hectic and mostly fun. But the break left us refreshed, relaxed and recharged. We felt like we did when were young and dating.

Today, back to work and household duties. I watched O’Baby while The Princess went to work. We went to the store, and when we drove up to the house, Hubby was there waiting for us. He said it was nice to see me again with a baby in the car. It reminded both of us of our early marriage.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m so lucky to have him.